Nvidia GeForce Now “coming soon” to Australia

Alongside Turkey and Saudi Arabia.

Nvidia’s GeForce Now streaming service is “coming soon” to Australia, Turkey and Saudi Arabia, Nvidia has today announced.

For those unaware, GeForce Now has positioned itself as a Stadia competitor that streams PC games over the internet to a device of your choice. The service left beta last year and is now priced at $5 USD a month.

Australia’s access will be made possible through servers hosted by Pentanet, a Perth-based ISP.

“By placing NVIDIA RTX Servers on the edge, GeForce NOW Alliance partners deliver even lower latency gaming experiences,” Nvidia stated. “This gives partners an opportunity to show the value of their broadband and 5G infrastructure to customers.”

A specific release date was not announced for Australia, but we’ll of course keep you informed as we learn more.

Last year, a number of titles were pulled from GeForce Now’s library, including those from Bethesda, Warner Bros. and Activision.

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