“No Hope Left” when Resident Evil 6 hits in November 2012


Guys, this news has just made my day.

Those “No Hope Left” viral ads that have been reported around the Internet, and confirmed come from Capcom? They’re not for Resident Evil: Revelations or Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City.

They’re for Resident Evil 6.

The full-lengths picture at the bottom of this post shows a promotional banner for the title, with an advertised release date of 20 November 2012. Capcom hasn’t confirmed this yet, but I’m sure we’ll be receiving more information soon, thanks to the “No Hope Left” campaign itself. Check out this creepy video:

https://youtu.be/p3HsO0hZuUY” width=”575

Insider sources are telling sites like IGN and Gamesbeat that Chris Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy will star in the upcoming title, with appearances by Ada Wong and several other unnamed characters. From the viral video, it’s safe to assume some portion of the game will occur in China, but from the NoHopeLeft.com website, it looks like there will be world-spanning gameplay locations all around the globe.

We’ll keep you updated as we know more.