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Nintendo Switch: The console’s big, unanswered questions


Nintendo’s just teased us with the Nintendo Switch, and while we know a lot about the console, there’s still a bunch we don’t.

Here are Stevivor’s biggest unanswered questions:

  • Is the Switch’s handheld screen a touchscreen?
  • Are there any gyroscopes hidden in the thing?
  • Has Nintendo ditched 3D entirely in this handheld?
  • Can that dude really play Skyrim on a plane without an internet connection?
  • What powers the Joy-Con controllers? AAA batteries? An internal battery that can only be charged by a USB?
  • What’s the battery life on the controllers? What about the handheld itself?

… not to be outdone by questions from our very own readers (like Darren B. — thanks, mate!):

  • What size internal storage does it have for digital games?
  • Is storage expandable?
  • Does it have a mobile data option?
  • Will it have a Virtual Console for BC titles?
  • What is the resolution of that screen?
  • What games will it launch with?
  • And the big one: how much will it cost?

We’ll report back when we get answers on the above. Stay tuned.


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