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Nintendo: It’s important that Mario Kart 8 is a success

If the console war was a game of Mario Kart, the Wii U has been well and truly blue shelled into last place and thereafter proceeded to run over its own bananas.

While the console has been the recipient of some great games over the past year, none of them have been the Power Star, Lightning or Bullet Bill item drop needed to really get the Wii U back in contention. Nintendo is hoping that’s all about to change with the release of Mario Kart 8 this weekend.

Speaking with MCV, Nintendo UK’s Mario Brand Manager Roger Langford said that anything and everything that can be done to ensure Mario Kart is a success is being done. Langford believes that Mario Kart 8 is the Wii U game to show gamers that Nintendo’s console is every bit as valid a choice as the PS4 and Xbox One.

“Mario Kart 8 really harnesses the capability of Wii U. It has HD graphics and runs at 60 frames per second constantly in single and multiplayer,” he said. “I certainly feel that Mario Kart 8 can be the catalyst that will broaden Wii U’s horizons,” he added. “It’s very important for us that we have a successful launch and continue the promotion throughout the year and beyond.”

Alongside the launch of Mario Kart 8, Nintendo is releasing a Wii U bundle which includes the game in addition to the promotion which allows those who purchase Mario Kart 8 to download one other Wii U game free of charge from a selection of 10. “You pick up the Mario Kart 8 bundle, and you can also download Wii Party U or Nintendo Land if you’re getting it for the family, or if you’re a Mario fan you can get New Super Mario Bros U. We also cater for more core gamers, as well, with Monster Hunter 3 and The Wonderful 101. We are offering that variety because Mario Kart 8 does attract such a broad demographic,” said Langford.

What do you think? Can Mario Kart 8 turn the Wii U’s fortunes around?

Mario Kart 8 will be available exclusively for Wii U on 30 May 2014.

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