New Zealand spent $548 million NZD on video games in 2018


Kiwis are also spending big.

New Zealanders spent $548 million NZD on video games in 2018, new data from IGEA today shows.

Hot off the heels of a 2018 report detailing Australia, the New Zealand report shows different trends; a 21% increase on physical sales matched a 21% increase in digital sales across the pond, while Aussies maintained 2017 physical spending and saw a dramatic rise in digital sales.

Physical game sales totalled $143.1 million NZD, while digital sales came in at $405 million NZD. Hardware sales increased 37%, landing at $59.3 million NZD, while sales of console accessories also skyrocketed 45%, totalling $27.7 million.

“Once again the data shows New Zealanders’ clear love of playing video games,” said the IGEA’s Ron Curry. “The fact that the industry has rocketed through the half billion dollar mark is evidence of an industry in great shape. New Zealanders’ are clearly engaged in playing games both physically and digitally, and they continue to find ways to upgrade and extend the life of their games and hardware, evidenced by the clear growth in console accessories sales.”

A full Kiwi infographic is below.