A new Google Stadia livestream is coming before E3 2019


A new Google Stadia livestream will air ahead of E3 2019, Google has today advised.

Called Stadia Connect, the presentation hasn’t been detailed beyond a start date and time at this stage.

“Some news can’t wait for E3,” Google advised on Twitter. “Tune into the first ever [Stadia Connect] this Thursday 6/6 at 9AM PT for exciting announcements, games, and more.”

That corresponds to 2.00 am AEST on 7 June for us Aussies (or check your timezone here). We’ll add the livestream details to our list of every E3 2019 press conference in Aussie times.

While we wait for the event, is there anything you’d like to see from the second Stadia livestream? If you need to refresh yourself on Google Stadia itself, head here.