Netflix price increase in USA doesn’t apply to Australia


Great news for Aussies.

A Netflix price increase confirmed for the USA doesn’t apply to Australia, Netflix has confirmed with Stevivor.

Over in the States, each of Netflix’s subscription plans has seen a price increase; the SD plan went from $8 USD to $9 USD a month, the HD plan from $11 USD to $13 USD and the 4K plan from $14 USD to $16.

“This price increase only applies to the US and select markets in Latin America and the Caribbean that are billed in US dollars,” a Netflix representative confirmed with Stevivor. “Australians will not see their subscription prices increase.”

Great news for Aussies, but not so much for our American friends.

Current Netflix Australia pricing is $9.99 AUD for a basic plan, $13.99 AUD for the HD plan and $17.99 AUD for the 4K plan.