Home News NBA Live 18 heads to “consoles” in the second half of 2017

NBA Live 18 heads to “consoles” in the second half of 2017


NBA Live 18 has been confirmed for a release on “consoles” in the second half of 2017, EA today confirmed.

Like EA Sports UFC 3, Electronic Arts refrained from detailing the exact platforms the title will appear on. While Xbox One and PS4 are likely, it’s unclear if the title will also appear on PC and Nintendo Switch, though the publisher said it is considering more titles on the latter.

NBA Live 18‘s competitor, NBA 2K18, has already been confirmed for a 19 September on Windows PC, Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch.

The last in the franchise was NBA Live 16; last year’s title was delayed into limbo.

We’ll have more on NBA Live 18 as it’s made available.


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