Motorsport Manager is free-to-play for the remainder of the week, Sega today advised.

The title, available on PC, Mac and Linux, all via Steam, is free-to-play between 20-27 March. Those who wish to purchase the game will be able to do so with a 50% discount during this time.

“Motorsport Manager puts you in the driving seat of your very own motorsport team – you will hire the drivers, research the technology and make all the key split-second decisions on race day; and it is more accessible than ever with a 2D mode available, enabling it to be played using lower spec PCs,” Sega said of the game. “You can also create, share and discover user-generated content as Motorsport Manager™ is Steam Workshop enabled, allowing you to design your own car livery, as well as much more.”

Hey, it’s Melbourne’s Albert Park!

Motorsport Manager is available on Steam for PC, Mac and Linux.