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Modder finds files in Watch Dogs’ PC release that makes it look as gorgeous as the first time we saw it


Modder creator TheWorse claims to have found, unpacked and is now sharing files in Watch Dogs‘ PC release that has it looking as good as the game did upon its announcement back at E3 2012.

“I’m a very obsessed person, with many things mainly graphics . Also i’m a fan of using sweetfx on every game I can use it. I like to make my own presets always,” TheWorse said. “After release and this stupid stuttering problems I started searching for fixes etc. Then I saw many threads talking about the engine when I realized it was based on dunia 2 so I tried to unpack the files which obviously not worked.. so after searching so much for the unpacker I found it, started playing with it and after a long time of testing I ended up getting the E3 Bloom from 2012 working.

“After studying how bin hex worked and downloading many tools to convert files etc, I was able to integrate and enable many effects.”

The results are remarkable and are sure to give new life to arguments that Ubisoft hobbledWatch Dogs to make it viable as a release for both last-gen and new-gen consoles, as well as PC.

Thanks, Kotaku.


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