Mario Kart Tour has an $8 AUD monthly Gold Pass


A one-month Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass costs more than a month of Nintendo Switch Online.

Mario Kart Tour is a free-to-play mobile game, but a free-to-play mobile game with an astronomically high $8 AUD monthly Gold Pass.

The game’s Gold Pass is a monthly subscription service, set at $4.99 USD/£4.99/$7.99 AUD that will unlock high-level rewards such as racers, karts and the in-game rubies currency (which can be used in a gacha-style fashion to get further random rewards). More importantly, the paid subscription also unlocks access to the fastest race mode available, 200cc.

The Gold Pass offers up a two-week trial that will automatically carry over into the paid subscription if you don’t cancel it. Players are able to keep and use the items and benefits you they were gifted upon cancellation.

Players have correctly pointed out that Mario Kart Tour‘s monthly pass costs more than a month of Nintendo Switch Online, the service that allows for multiplayer play on Switch alongside a host of NES and SNES titles. A month of Nintendo Switch Online in Australia is priced at $5.95 AUD.

Mario Kart Tour is available now on iOS and Android devices.