Legacy Rock Band DLC can now be re-downloaded on current-gen… one song at a time


Rock Band 4 is delayed in Australia… but at least that’ll give you time to re-download all your legacy DLC.

If you’ve purchased Rock Band DLC on Xbox 360 or PS3, you’re now able to re-download that content on the same console family — Xbox One or PS4, respectively. The catch is, you’re only able to download songs one at a time.

“Due to first party technical restrictions, we are unable to support batch downloads within the first party stores,” Harmonix recently advised. “If you want your DLC downloaded to your console, you will have to re-download tracks individually.”

You can go and read FAQs from Harmonix here.

The ultra-pricey Rock Band 4 will be available in Australia on Xbox One and PS4 from 15 October.