Latest Thimbleweed Park update adds character interactions, hints


Thimbleweed Park’s latest update adds character inactions and a hint system, developer Ron Gilbert recently confirmed.

The update will let you talk to main characters Rey, Reyes and Ransome.

“Allowing the characters to talk to each other actually solved a bunch of problems,” Gilbert said of the change in a new blog post. “It was crystal clear (in our heads) why they were working together (or didn’t care if they were), but that wasn’t clear to players. This is especially true with Ransome. Ransome is an asshole. Why would he be helping?

“Player character dialogs solved this problem. You now can chat amongst yourselves while spouting plot clarifying lines. If I had a few extra months I would have made them ever more complex, but maybe they don’t need to be. I’m sure someone will complain that they didn’t talk about X and that is plot critical. Maybe. Maybe not. I do think the dialogs help tremendously and I regret not pushing forward and implementing them from the get-go.”

Approximately 1,200 additional lines of dialogue were added as a result.

Moreover, the game now offers a hint system. To receive a hint, you’ll need to use an in-game telephone and dial the hint line, mimicking old-school hint lines that were made available to old adventure gamers in real life.

“Calling the phone provides some natural friction, in that you’d have to get to a phone (or switch to whoever had the cel phone) and make a call and trip down a hint tree,” Gilbert wrote.

“The advantage we had over a true 80s hint line was that we know the context of where you are in the game, so the hint line can be smart and focus down to hints we know you might needed, and ignore spoilers and other distractions.”

Thimbleweed Park is available on Windows PC, Mac, Xbox One and PS4. We reviewed it here.