Kingdom Hearts 3 leaks early, Game Director warns about spoilers


Watch yourselves.

Kingdom Hearts 3 has leaked with more than a month to go before the game’s actual release.

Polygon reports that 30 leaked copies are in circulation via someone with a connection inside the North Carolina-based facility that’s manufactured and printed game discs. The discs all appear to be Xbox One copies.

A user on Twitter saw copies of the game being sold via Facebook Marketplace, though that listing and the Twitter thread describing it have both been deleted. A copy of the latter was uploaded to Imgur. As part of the listing, a series of spoilery videos were posted to the internet and remain in circulation.

In reply, Director Tetsuya Nomura has released a statement that assures fans that the game’s “biggest spoilers” aren’t featured in the videos. Nevertheless, he’s asking fans not to distribute the videos that are available.

Be careful when using social media, fans.

Kingdom Hearts 3 heads to Xbox One and PS4 on 29 January 2019.