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Kerbal Space Program finally heads to a full release

After four years in beta, Kerbal Space Program is finally ready for a full release.

Developer Squad thanked the game’s many fans with the announcement.

“Not that this means there won’t be dev notes after the release, of course, but it’s a good opportunity to give you guys a massive THANK YOU!! To the entire KSP community, who stood by us throughout the four years we’ve been developing the game, who believed in our crazy notion of a build-a-rocket-and-fly-it game, and who continuously supported us through good and bad times, from the humble beginnings of our weird little project, all the way through today, as we stand on the brink of this huge moment for the game, and to us,” Squad said in a VERY long sentence.

Kerbal Space Program will enter full release from 27 April on Windows PC, Mac and Linux.


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