HQ Trivia Australia wasn’t permanent; the pilot is officially over



Almost as soon as HQ Trivia Australia launched, it’s closed up shop.

The localised Twitter account recently advised that the trivia show was only a “pilot” and, moreover, that the pilot has run its course.

“Hey HQties! We’ve had a great time playing HQ Trivia Australia with you and have completed the pilot for the show,” a surprise tweet reads.

“Stay tuned for future updates about the game and in the meantime, you can catch our global show daily at 11am AEST!”

So no more local trivia for us.

HQ Trivia Australia kicked off on 25 July. That’s it — we’re done. Nothing more to see here… at least, for now.

What do you make of this surprise announcement by HQ Trivia? Feeling a little cheated? We’ll let you know if the pilot was deemed a success and we see the game return in future.