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Harry Potter Wizards Unite begins testing in New Zealand

Lucky ducks. Or is that 'lucky hippogriffs'?

Harry Potter Wizards Unite has begun testing in New Zealand, offering gamers the chance to beta test the upcoming release.

“Witches and wizards in New Zealand are invited to participate in a beta of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite,” Niantic today advised. Those in the country can download the game on either App Store and Google Play in order to begin testing the AR-fueled Harry Potter experience.

“Please note this is a beta version of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite,” Niantic was careful to point out. “Features, available languages, design, and overall appearance are not final. The product might be buggy and unstable at times. We’re looking forward to your feedback so that we can improve the game experience.”

For those outside of New Zealand, hopeful players can sign up at Wizards Unite’s website for further updates or pre-register on Google Play.

Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is planned for iOS and Android and follows Niantic’s Pokemon Go. In fact, users of Pokemon Go can reserve their trainer name inside Harry Potter: Wizards Unite following these steps.


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