Guinness pulls longest-standing Dragster gaming record


Todd Rogers' week is getting worse...

In the wake of Twin Galaxies’ invalidation of a long-standing Dragster record, Guinness World Records has revoked Todd Rogers’ corresponding longest-standing gaming world record.

“Twin Galaxies is Guinness World Records’ trusted advisor on video game high scores and as such we rely on it to monitor high score gaming records and handle any and all disputes that occur within its community,” a Guinness representative explained to Kotaku.

“Consequently, we have removed the Guinness World Records title for Longest-standing video game record from our records database, along with any other records that Mr. Rogers currently holds and we will continue to partner with Twin Galaxies for further video game record verification.”

“Although I disagree with their decision, I must applaud them for their strong stance on the matter of cheating,” Todd Rogers wrote in reply on Facebook. “While I do maintain that Twin Galaxies is wrong in my particular case, if the investigation into my score(s), and subsequent banning, can serve as a catalyst to clean the database of questionable scores and facilitate methods to catch future cheaters, this is a positive thing.”