Guild Wars 2’s ArenaNet also hit by layoffs


More bad news.

Guild Wars 2 developer ArenaNet is the latest in another series of planned layoffs impacting the gaming industry.

As reported by Kotaku, ArenaNet’s parent company, the South Korean-based NCSoft, sent an email to employees advising of the layoffs. The email stated that ArenaNet’s publishing division would be absorbed into NCSoft, shedding positions in the process. At the moment, it’s unclear how many employees will lose their jobs.

Guild Wars 2′s latest expansion was released more than a year ago; profits from the title are dwindling as expenses rise.

It’s been suggested that those to be laid off will receive severance packages and bonuses based on tenure. We’ll report back as more is known.

Layoffs have also impacted employees at Activision Blizzard alongside EA’s Firemonkeys in the past few weeks.