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Gold Mario amiibo is real and even harder to find


The gold Mario amiibo is indeed a real thing, the rumours confirmed to be true as it is exclusive to Walmart in the US, who have already sold out. Naturally.

Dozens of the figure are now available on eBay at largely inflated prices. Most are selling between $50 and $70 USD, which for a $12.96 USD figures nets the seller a decent profit.

Those who want to brave the retail space to pick one up can do so on 20 March, released the same day as Mario Party 10. Along with golden Mario, Bowser, Luigi, Toad, Peach and Yoshi will all get Mario Party themed amiibos.

It seems very unlikely these will come to Australia, so hardcore amiibo collectors can look forward to paying a premium on eBay to get their hands on one.


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