Generation Zero Achievements broken on Xbox One

Generation Zero Achievements are broken on Xbox One, with a number of users flocking to the internet to complain.

“This game is a complete mess,” user CoreScan said over on TrueAchievements. “I don’t think I’ve ever played a game as obviously unfinished as this one.”

CoreScan complained they’re not able to obtain The Sapper and Splash Damage Achievements inside the Xbox One version of the game.

“Loads of achievements are broken,” user alackofGravitas countered. “I’ve had 7 not pop.”

I tend to believe the latter user as I’ve successfully completed tasks that should earned a corresponding Achievement. With that in mind, here is the full list of Achievements I’ve personally confirmed to be impacted:

  • The Sapper: Use explosives to destroy 15 machines.
  • Splash Damage: Destroy more than one machine at the same time using the m/49 Granatgevär or a hand grenade.
  • Player Two: Create a second character.
  • I Just Called to Say I Love You: Listen to the messages left on 5 different answering machines.
  • Siren Call/Dirty Dancing: Use a boombox to lure an enemy.

Moreover, in-game trackers appear to randomly reset; I’ve earned an Achievement for killing 40 enemies with the shotgun alone despite having a kill counter that says I’ve killed 29 machines total.

Update: A day after this report, the Siren Call Achievement unlocked. We weren’t playing the game at the time. So there may be hope?

Generation Zero known issues

Developer Avalanche Studios has taken to the Generation Zero website to detail a few known issues currently plaguing the game, though a quick glance at the game’s official forums suggests there are far more. Achievement issues were not confirmed by the studio.

At any rate, here’s the current list of known issues in-game.


  • When joining someone else’s game, mission progress can become blocked when going back to your own solo game | Hotfix expected for March 26th
  • [RARE] Players cannot see each other in multiplayer games | Solution is to rejoin the game
  • Exiting and respawning in a bunker Safe House that requires power to open will lock the doors again | Solution is to fast travel elsewhere and then back to the bunker
  • Players are unable to complete locations “Yttervik” and “Iboholmen Church” due to the last “loot” not existing


  • Revive icon sticks around in MP if a player revives themselves
  • [RARE] There is no interaction prompt on a downed character
  • Primary / Secondary weapons that require 2 item slots in inventory actually require 3 slots if ammo is already equipped, meaning players may not be able to pick up items even it if looks like they have space for it
  • Interact prompts can get stuck on screen | Solution is to interact with something else


  • “Track Another Castle” mission cannot be completed as it gets stuck on the “Defeat any remaining machines to Reclaim the Bunker” 8/9 | Workaround is to restart the game client
  • “The Hunter” World mission cannot be completed as it will not update after finding the Hunter’s house step | Workaround is to restart the game client
  • “Science of Deduction” mission has the wrong point of interest icon on the map and instead says “Back on Track”


  • Combat “Armor Damage” Skill isn’t providing its benefit properly
  • “Steady Feet” Skill isn’t providing its benefit properly
  • “Make ’em Count” Skill isn’t clearly defined and actually applies to single fire mode for Assault Rifles and SMGs, not handguns or rifles

Generation Zero is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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