Gamers ask devs for skins in support of Aussie bushfire relief


"Just donate," another countered.

A series of gamers have taken to Reddit to ask the likes of Blizzard, Bungie and Niantic to sell special in-game skins that donate proceeds to Australian bushfire relief.

WippitGuud seemed to kick off the trend, first asking, “Hey Blizzard, any chance of whipping up a couple of firefighter skins for Junkrat and Roadhog to raise money for the Aussie wildfires?”

The original poster reminded players that Blizzard has used this idea to support charities in the past, pointing out a special Pink Mercy skin that donated proceeds to breast cancer research.

The request led fellow players to add to the idea, suggesting Junkrat’s weapon should fire bullets made of water, and that Roadhog’s famous hook could be a firefighter’s hose instead.

The trend caught on quickly, with another Redditor, Night__lite, asking Destiny 2‘s Bungie if armor ornaments could be offered with proceeds supporting bushfire relief.

Over on the Pokemon Go subreddit, user ThePopojijo asked if developer Niantic could do something similar, creating an exclusive lure spawn for Aussie-focused Pokemon Kangaskhan.

While most on the subreddits applauded the suggestions, others did not.

“Just donate. There is a charity page that already has over $20 million donated,” wrote DredgeofRivia, likely referring to a Facebook campaign started by comedian Celeste Barber. “Don’t need to get something in a game to take the initiative to donate money for nothing to help a troubled situation.”

How you can donate yourself

While in-game goodies are nice, the seriousness of the Australian bushfires facing our nation leads us to side with DredgeofRivia. With that in mind, here are a couple ways you can help with bushfire relief.


New South Wales


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