The Game Awards addresses Death Stranding conflict of interest concerns


Keighley might be besties with Kojima, but he had nothing to do with nominations.

The Game Awards’ Geoff Keighley has addressed conflict of interest concerns that have crept up as a result of Death Stranding being nominated across a number of categories.

Keighley, who hosts The Game Awards and also appears inside Death Stranding as The Ludens Fan, took to Twitter to assert he personally had nothing to do with the awards’ nominations themselves, which were recently released to the public.

“I don’t vote on the nominees,” Keighley wrote, adding, “there is a jury of 80 media that select the nominees!” Keighley noted that The Game Awards’ FAQ page may also clear up additional concerns.

As a member of The Game Awards jury, Stevivor can confirm it submitted a list of nominations and will soon vote on winners.

The Game Awards will be livestreamed from Los Angeles, California from 12.30pm AEDT on 13 December. Death Stranding is currently available on PS4 and heads to PC in 2020. How do you feel about the game’s nominations?