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Friday the 13th offline play, holiday events soon available

Happy horrordays!

Friday the 13th offline play and holiday-themed events will soon be available across Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.

Developer IllFonic confirmed that players, perhaps struggling to find online offerings, will soon have the chance to play as Jason against 1-7 counselors across three difficulty types. The update will also bump the game’s level cap from 101 to 150.

Moreover, a number of holiday events are planned, as follows:

  • Now until 23 December: An increased chance of rolling a Rare or Epic perk.
  • 23-27 December: Double the chance of Pamela and Jarvis tapes.
  • 23 December 23 to 2 January 2018: Double CP.

The update should be available on Windows PC and PS4 today, and “shortly” on Xbox One, all of the platforms that Friday the 13th is currently available on.


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