Foxtel Now has crumbled under the weight of Game of Thrones, seizing up as fans arrived en masse to stream the show’s seventh season debut.

The provider’s newest streaming service — offering 720p HD streaming and access to live sport — simply wouldn’t stream the returning show due to overwhelming demand.

“We are devastated that due to unprecedented demand, we are experiencing problems with our online services this evening,” Foxtel told subscribers via their Facebook Page. “Obviously this comes at a time when so many of our customers are wanting to watch the first episode of season 7 of Game of Thrones.

“We can assure you that we are doing everything we can to resolve these problems,” Foxtel continued. “We can also assure customers that as soon as the issue is resolved they will be able to watch the episode using the On Demand features of our service.”

Fans took the news in stride, offering many humorous responses to the situation.

“Did Foxtel not get the message that winter was coming,” asked James Pattison. “Now it is us out in the cold.”

Jess Harper truly hit the nail on the head, asking, “So, currently, it is impossible to watch this show legally in Australia? And we wonder why Aus[tralia] has the highest rate of illegal downloads?”

Early in June, News Corp boldly declared that Foxtel Now “blows its competitors out of the water” by “destroying competitors’ streaming catalogues”. News Corp also happens to be a 50% owner in Foxtel.

Foxtel Now already has an app on PS4, though the older Foxtel Play app will still stream on other devices including Xbox One.