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Here’s how much Forza Street’s microtransactions cost

Time to burn rubber... and cash.

Forza Street is available now on Windows PC ahead of a release on iOS and Android devices, and we’ve a list of its real-world cash microtransactions.

Here’s what each purchasable option costs and what it contains:

  • 125 Gold: $7.45 AUD
  • 255 Gold: $14.95 AUD
  • 540 Gold: $29.90 AUD
  • 1360 Gold: $74.75 AUD
  • 2825 Gold: $149.50 AUD
  • Super Car Pack (50 Gold, 1,000 Credits and 3-star Super car): $7.45 AUD
  • Street Car Pack (50 Gold, 1,000 Credits and 3-star Street car): $7.45 AUD
  • Sports Car Pack (50 Gold, 1,000 Credits and 3-star Sports car): $7.45 AUD
  • Muscle Car Pack (50 Gold, 1,000 Credits and 3-star Muscle car): $7.45 AUD
  • All Cars Pack (200 Gold, 4,000 Credits, and 1 of each 3-star car): $22.43 AUD

While there is an Achievement tied into having a 3-star car, players can use Tuning Kits earned from races to upgrade existing cars.

What do you make of Forza Street and its microtransactions? We’re playing the game now; expect our impressions soon.


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