Home News Former DICE coder lashes out at lack of females in Battlefield 1

Former DICE coder lashes out at lack of females in Battlefield 1


A former coder at DICE has lashed out against a lack of female characters in Battlefield 1.

Amandine Coget took to Twitter — though, her tweets are now protected as a result — to explain the situation.

Coget claims that the Battlefield 1 pitch was, “screw realism, we’re adding female soldiers, because we’re way overdue.”

Female soldiers actually were active in World War I, as an aside.

According to Coget, the notion was scrapped months later.

“Turns out BF1 was going for realism after all! Female [characters] matter but ‘it’s just not the game we’re making’,” Coget alleges DICE said of the change.

“I did eventually get them to spit out the real reasons,” Coget continued. “All that is believable but female soldiers are not, to the core audience of boys.”

Since the tweets, DICE has confirmed that a female protagonist will feature in Battlefield 1‘s single-player campaign — though it’s not clear if this female will be playable. DICE also confirmed that females will not appear as playable characters in Battlefield 1‘s multiplayer offerings.

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