Fire Emblem Three Houses has same-sex relationships


Nintendo gets progressive. Kinda.

Fire Emblem Three Houses will offer same-sex relationships, Nintendo of America has recently confirmed.

Nintendo being Nintendo, the publisher confirmed with USGamer that same-sex relationships will be possible, but refrained to comment on which characters will be open to same-sex romance for fear of spoilers.

A leak from June suggests that female protagonists can romance female characters named Edelgard, Dorothea, Rhea, Mercedes and “adult” Sothis. If the peak is true, male protagonists have limited options, only able to romance a single male characters: Lindhardt.

While it’s great LGBTQ players will have some representation in the game, it’s a tad troubling that there appears to be a far greater emphasis on lesbian romances if the leak is to be believed.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses heads to Nintendo Switch on 26 July 2019.