Riot cancels Oceanic Rift Rivals tournaments


High costs are to blame.

Riot Games has today confirmed it has cancelled all future Oceanic Rift Rivals League of Legends tournaments.

“After careful consideration, we are making the decision to sunset the OCE/SEA/JPN Rift Rivals,” Riot wrote in a post on its website. “Regional Rift Rivals tournaments will be continuing in EU/NA and LPL/LCK/LMS this year at times in the season that make sense for those clusters, but the other clusters will not be continuing, including OCE/SEA/JP.”

Riot blamed high operating costs and average viewership for the cancellation today.

“We believe that we will be more impactful continuing to focus our efforts on the OPL itself and the ecosystem surrounding it (including University, High School, OCS and other grass roots initiatives),” Riot continued. “After weighing the pros and cons and discussing this with each of our regions, we felt this change to Rift Rivals was the right one to make for the long term health of our sport. In the future we also remain open to other globally integrated events.”

The last Oceanic Rift Rivals event in Australia was in July last year.