Overwatch League: Dallas Fuel spits out second homophobic slur


Two slurs in as many months.

The Overwatch League’s Dallas Fuel has embroiled in a second event in which homophobic slurs were used against other players over a live broadcast.

ESPN reports that Dallas Fuel’s Timo ‘Taimou’ Kettunen called a player a “fucking faggot” on a livestream broadcast on 23 January.

“Fucking faggot kid,” Taimou screamed at a player during the livestream. “Uninstall.”

Taimou also called another player a “batty boy” — a Jamaican anti-gay slur — during the same broadcast.

At present, Taimou hasn’t been reprimanded by the Dallas Fuel or by the Overwatch League, despite a code of conduct being officially released late in February.

The Fuel said it was unaware of the incident until spoken to by ESPN.

“We do recognize that our players and all those in the Overwatch League are constantly under the microscope,” the Fuel’s spokesperson, Greg Miller, told the publication. “As an organization, we strive to provide players with advice and resources to help them balance professionalism needed to compete at a league level with the individual personalities that may have gained them popularity or their own followings. As you’ve seen recently, we certainly do look into any situation that goes against a code of conduct befitting the team and/or league.”

In the same month, January 2018, fellow Dallas Fuel player Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was suspended by his team for telling openly-gay player, the Houston Outlaws’ Austin ‘Muma’ Wilmot, to “Suck a fat cock,” adding, “I mean, you would like it.”

What do you make of the culture of the Dallas Fuel?