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EB Games is trialling a GameFly-like rental subscription service in South Australia


Update: EB Games Australia has confirmed that Swap ‘N’ Play is currently available in South Australia, though it will not offer a two month free trial as per the original, erroneous report.

Additionally, all pre-owned titles are available under the scheme.

“Swap ‘n’ Play is a new service we’re trialling in South Australia that allows customers to grab any preowned game they want, and to swap it over as much as they like instore,” an EB representative told Stevivor.

“Whether they finish it in a day or decide they don’t like it, they can grab something new whenever they want. There’s no limit to how many times they can swap.

“Since the website went live, we’ve actually updated Swap ‘n’ Play to give customers access to the entire library of preowned games. As long as we have the game – they can play it.

“We created Swap ‘n’ Play to add value for our regular customers, especially parents. Over school holidays it’s not unusual for families to be in and out our doors finding new games to play. Swap ‘n’ Play allows for a hassle-free and more affordable shop.

“The service is for our EB World members and is entirely receipt-free. It’s just $19.95 a month and after 2 months customers can cancel at any time.

“We’ve had positive feedback from the community overnight, however at this time we’re only running Swap ‘n’ Play in South Australia. Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for further updates.”

Original story: EB Games Australia is set to trial a game rental subscription service in South Australia that mirrors the functionality of North America’s GameFly, Press Start today reports.

Called Swap ‘N’ Play, the program will allegedly allow subscribers the chance to access the retailer’s library of pre-owned games. For $19.95 AUD a month, players will be able to rent any pre-owned game from any South Australian EB Games store that’s priced under $50 AUD. Said game can be kept for as long as the player wants — providing their subscription is active that is — or swapped out for another game at any time. Moreover, new subscribers will receive two free months to try out the program.

When live, users will be able to purchase a Swap ‘N Play account from EB Games’ website. You’ll need to be an EB World member to take advantage. It’s unclear which platforms — Xbox One, PS4, Switch and 3DS — will be part of the program.

Press Start hasn’t detailed how it has obtained the information, and EB Games’ website and social media accounts make no mention of the program. We’ve gone direct to the retailer for comment.

Stay tuned for more on Swap ‘N Play as we validate the information. In the meantime, all of Australia already has access to an online game rental service in the form of GetGaming.


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