EA CFO: Expect digital releases and subscriptions over traditional retail


EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, speaking at the Morgan Stanley’s Technology, Media & Telecom Conference, said that digital releases will surpass traditional sales, but that the latter won’t die out entirely.

Moreover, Jorgensen said consumers should expect more subscription-based services like EA Access in the months and years to come.

“We take a very simple view,” Jorgensen began. “We want the consumer to decide. We have great retail partners, we want to continue to maintain our great retail partners and they perform a lot of discovery and marketing services for us.

“And so, we believe there’s a world where the retail partners are always going to be around, but also a lot of consumers, just like music and books, and movies, and TV have adopted, download digitally is ultimately the way of the future. We try to make sure that we’re available in any place the people want to bay our games.”

Jorgensen also said the three main delivery models — retail, digital and subscriptions — will co-exist.

“Long-term, we think there’s multiple models for delivery of games. People will buy games in the retail stores, they’ll acquire them digitally from us, or they may subscribe to them and play in a subscription model,” he added.