EA blames Battlefield 2042’s old beta for player criticism

Okay then.

EA has responded to player criticism of Battlefield 2042‘s recent open beta, blaming most problems on the build’s age.

In a lengthy blog post, EA and DICE revealed that the open beta was based on code from August 2021, therefore already showing its age in October.

“We work hard to optimise [the game], stamp out critical bugs, and drive for maximum compatibility and performance on known hardware. By stripping out other content and systems, we remove potential conflicts that keep things running in the best possible manner,” the blog post reads.

“We knew that the Open Beta build would therefore not showcase where we’re at today with polish and how the game plays, not benefiting from all the additional work that’s been done on the game since we branched in August.

“In addition to what you’ve seen today from our full line up of Specialists, and many of the updates that you can read about and see here, expect more Battlefield 2042 updates over the next few weeks that let you get a glimpse on the great progress that the teams have made.”

EA’s post goes into great detail when it comes to individual criticisms, so is certainly worth a read if you’re invested in the upcoming shooter. Of note, however, is one big clarification on something Luke brought up in his own preview: post-match stats and celebrations.

“Better still, we’re celebrating our strongest team players at the end of the round in our full End of Round (EOR) flow,” the post advised. “Again, this one didn’t make the cut for Open Beta, but expect that when the round wraps up, we’ll be paying tribute to the best squad players, and recognizing the contributions folks made to capturing objectives, reviving fallen teammates, and keeping ammo stocked up.”

Battlefield 2042 heads to Windows PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, PS4 and PS5 on 19 November.

Battlefield 2042

19 November 2021
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