Duos removed from Battlefield 5 Firestorm


Fans wanted the mode but didn't play it, says DICE.

Duos has been disabled in Battlefield 5’s battle royale Firestorm mode, developer DICE has confirmed.

Community Manager, Freeman, took to Reddit to say that DICE turned on Duos mode after fan requests, but that actual take up of the mode was limited.

“Since then, we’ve seen more folks jump back into Squads mode, with less preferring to Firestorm it up in Duo – so we’re going to get back to the original plan today and we’ve disabled it’s matchmaking,” Freeman wrote.

“We’re going to look at ways to ensure that you all have the opportunity to enjoy these modes after their initial availability, without compromising the matchmaking experiences for players who’d prefer to stay with the base game modes.”

Battlefield 5 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4.