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The dummy finger does something: Here’s what’s new in the Resident Evil 7 demo

Resident Evil 7‘s demo has been updated to its “Twilight Version”, bringing about a bunch of changes.

Spoilers are ahead, so stop reading if you want to go in fresh.

Still with us? Good! Here’s what’s changed since “Beginning Hour” was first released.

  • To the right of the room you start in, the locked door works a bit differently now. With a different, more mouldy appearance, a strange sound will emenate from the door after five or six seconds. Stick around longer, and you’ll get another surprise — someone will shake the door, quite violently.
  • The mysterious inaccessible room behind the attic’s phone room is now accessible. There are a bunch of goodies to find…


  • … like a Basement Key on a table. We’re not sure what that actually unlocks right now.
  • You’ll also be able to find handgun ammo under the bed.
  • Behind some TVs, you’ll find the object that will bring you relief and more frustration: a celluloid dummy hand. You guessed it — you can combine the first demo’s mysterious dummy finger with it. What happens next? We legitimately don’t know.


The demo’s new ending — we’ll leave that for you to experience — leads us to believe Capcom’s not quite done with future updates.

What have you found that we’ve missed?

We’ll keep you posted.


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