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Dragon Age: Inquisition “Jaws of Hakkon” expansion is dated for console equality

The first Dragon Age: Inquisition downloadable expansion, “Jaws of Hakkon”, was originally a timed exclusive to the Xbox One and PC. That time is almost up, as the Dragon Age Twitter account has announced a release date of 26 May for the PS4, PS3 and Xbox 360.


Timed DLC as an exclusive is a contentious issue and the replies to this Twitter post range from venomous to sarcastic and very occasionally, grateful. This kind of exclusive doesn’t look to be going away, as it becomes too costly for platform owners to sign multi-platform releases as exclusives they are going to pick away at the next best thing, exclusive content.

At least the other consoles are getting this in a reasonably timely fashion, Destiny players on Xbox platforms will be waiting another six months for the Playstation exclusives to come to their console of choice.


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