Doom: Update 6.66 makes DLC free to all, changes MP progression


Doom‘s hellish 6.66 update will make all multiplayer DLC free alongside a huge revision to multiplayer progression, it was today revealed.

Multiplayer DLC packs “Unto the Evil”, “Hell Followed” and “Bloodfall” are now free, comprising nine maps, three weapons and three playable demons. The content was available as part of the game’s “Season Pass”.

The update will also remove random unlocks in multiplayer, instead offering items for players that meet specific in-game challenges.

“If there’s a specific helmet you want, you can work toward unlocking it by focusing your play style on the related challenge,” Director Marty Stratton detailed in a blog post.

Returning players can either keep their current unlocked items or be reset to 0 to experience the new system. Returning players will also receive a special badge, either way, that notes their status.

Doom is also being offered for half price on Xbox One ($19.98 AUD) and  PS4 ($17.95 AUD). Additionally, free trial periods will also be offered — Windows PC and Xbox One players have access to beginning 21 July here in Australia, while those on PS4 have to wait until 28 July. The trial includes the first two levels of single-player alongside unlimited multiplayer action. Any progression earned will carry over into a full purchase.

We reviewed Doom here.