DONTNOD on Life is Strange 2’s connection to Captain Spirit


Answers within.

Life is Strange 2 developer DONTNOD took to Xbox Wire to detail connections between the upcoming game and its demo, The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

DONTNOD’s Tobias Palm took to a blog post to detail Easter eggs and connections — all in a super-spoilery fashion if you haven’t played Captain Spirit as yet.

“The first… is a newspaper excerpt you can find in Chris’ house,” Palm wrote. “It mentions riots and protests that continue to mount in Seattle following the unexplained deaths of a local man and a police officer. This is, in fact, the incident we teased a few weeks ago.”

Palm is referring to the Life is Strange 2 teaser trailer, below.

“How exactly it plays out is something you’ll discover when you start Life is Strange 2 as it is also the point of origin for the game’s story,” Palm continued. “This is the reason why Sean and Daniel must go on the run and the catalyst for all that follows.”

It was today confirmed that the two boys that featured at the end of Captain Spirit are indeed Life is Strange 2′s protagonists, Sean and Daniel.

“Another hint found in Captain Spirit occurs at the very end of Chris’ adventure when, after falling down from his tree-house, he sees two boys in the neighboring back garden,” Palm wrote. “Though The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit ends before they can introduce themselves, these are actually Sean and Daniel.”

Palm even helped to confirm the game’s timeline of events up to this point.

“Observant fans have already pieced together that the dashcam footage shown in the teaser is from October 28, 2016, while Chris’ adventure appears to take place around Christmas time of the same year,” he wrote. “This means that Chris encounters the brothers after they are forced to flee Seattle…”

Life is Strange 2‘s first episode is available from 27 September on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit is available now on those same platforms.