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Shannon Noll’s ridiculous Esports team adds other D-listers

WTF is this, actually?

Shannon Noll’s publicity-seeking Esports team has added additional D-listers from Love Island, the Sydney social scene and a very lucky one-time Olympic Gold medalist.

Noll’s Motley Squad has today added Love Island’s Cassidy McGill, Sydney socialite and business woman Roxy Jacenko and Olympic speed skater Steve Bradbury — yes, Steve and not Steven Bradbury; I guess he’s trying to be cool.

Look, let’s be frank: of the new additions, I know who one of those people are because he didn’t fall down at the Olympics. Perfect choices for an Esports team, eh?

“It’s always important to get the right team together when competing and I think the Motley Squad has a great mix of skill sets that will help us survive in the game a bit longer than if we were going solo,” Shannon Noll said. “I searched through my contacts and realised that by bringing together Roxy’s drive, Cassidy’s secret love of gaming, and Steve’s winning underdog skills, we’d be a team that competitors would regret underestimating.”

Anyways, the Motley Squad is definitely doing this because they love Esports and not because this is a ridiculous stunt. Enjoy.

FaZe Hazz will help train Noll and his team for the competition, which features PUBG and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The competition starts up November 2019. More information on Australia and New Zealand Qualifiers can be found here.


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