PlayStation, Overwatch are PornHub’s big winners of 2019


You naughty, naughty gamers.

People sure love to search for video game related porn… and then watch it on their video game consoles. PornHub’s back for 2019 with a year in review, and Overwatch, Apex Legends and PlayStation feature quite heavily.

PornHub’s stats say that when it comes to console porn watchin’, 51.5% of its users do it on PlayStation, followed by Xbox at 34.7% and trailed by other platforms such as PS Vita, Wii U and 3DS.

When it comes to video games searches, Overwatch topped the list at number one, followed by Fortnite, Pokemon, Minecraft and Apex Legends.

Data surrounding Apex Legends reveals that there were around 800 searches for Apex porn a day back in February of this year (aka, when the game was launched). That skyrocketed up to 10,000 searches a day just a week after, and more than 350,000 searches a day by 18 February. Yikes.

In terms of video game character searches, Zelda, Lara Croft and D. Va head the list, though Super Mario is a close fourth.

Um… happy porn watching?