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Going Postal is an 8-bit game about the marriage equality survey

Has the Australian marriage equality debate and same-sex postal survey found its way into most aspects of your life? Want it to be part of one more, regardless? Easy done! Meet Going Postal, a game that tasks you, a “Yes” voter, with getting your all-important vote to the closest Australia Post mailbox.

It’s not as easy as it sounds — opponents like the speedo-clad Tony Abbott are eagerly standing by, ready to block your path.

Stylised as an 8-bit offering, Going Postal is the work of Sydney- and New York-based studio Agency.

“We’ve worked alongside campaigns for marriage equality for a while now, and a number of our team wanted to find a way to go above and beyond to create something independently that would keep the postal vote at the front of people’s minds,” Agency’s Tim Middlemiss told SBS.

“We want all Australians, but particularly young people who may feel disaffected, and let down by our political leaders, to remember that this is a chance for them to have a say. That democracy, however messy, is a process that relies on people turning out and making their voice heard.

“In a better world, this issue wouldn’t be subject to a public debate, but it is.”

You can try Going Postal for yourself right here.


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