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Meet Nate Thomas, the over-sexualised male Tomb Raider

Hubba hubba.

Now, apparently the guys at LazyGamer think this is awful (I’m not doing them the service of linking to their post, so go and Google it if you’re curious. They don’t even get the character’s name right, so points for research…), but we here at Stevivor.com think this is amazing on so many levels.

DeviantArtist Ulysses0302 created a male take of the Tomb Raider games of old (read: NOT the reboot, which seems to respect Lara — and her bosom size — much more) named Nate Thomas. To some, Nate is a GREAT critique on the over sexualisation of female characters in games, turning the idea on its head.

To others, Nate’s just some great eye candy that caters to girls OR gays… for a change.

Either way, we figure this gallery has a little something for everyone. What do you think of the below? Amazing art that points out the seedy side of games development, or plain ol’ eye candy? Sound off in the comments area.


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