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The Diversion: Ken Levine lashes out at article bashing “Sarkeesian haters”

Ken Levine, creator of Bioshock, has taken to Facebook to express his disbelief over a summary of Bioshock Infinite.

In an article on The Verge titled “Stop ruining my escapist fantasies, Sarkeesian haters”, writer Adi Robertson summarises the latest Bioshock game in a way that Levine thinks misses the point:

“I would love to have been able to play BioShock Infinite as an actual power fantasy instead of a story about a naive woman who, despite having literally world-changing powers, spends the game throwing health potions to a man.” –Until she, you know, LITERALLY CHANGES THE WORLD.

-(article referenced http://www.theverge.com/2014/8/28/6078517/stop-ruining-my-escapist-fantasies-sarkeesian-haters -harrassing the journo
DOESN’T help me in any way, it doesn’t and will make me wish i had never even brought up the topic.)

Granted, Robertson has some good points in the article, but as some commenters have noticed, might have taken things a bit too far. As Levine points out in the comments on his Facebook post, Elizabeth literally destroys the patriarchy inside the game.

What do you think of the current state of affairs in games journalism? Is it just, or turning into a witch hunt? Let us know in the comments below.

No matter where you side on things, keep it clean, eh?

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