Octane’s Pads, Caustic’s Traps stick to Gibraltar’s Shield


Apex Legends just got a lot more interesting.

Apex Legends players have discovered that a number of items can be stuck to Gibraltar’s Shield, including Octane’s Bounce Pads and Caustic’s Gas Traps.

As demonstrated by YouTuber urnotjusti, the shield that activates when Gibraltar aims his weapon is treated as a regular surface. As such, said Traps or Pads can be attached to it.

The (rather obnoxious, if we’re being honest) video shows that Bounce Pads can’t be used by Octane if deployed on Gibraltar’s Shield, but Gibraltar himself can gain some extra jump power if used correctly. The Gas Traps can be activated by shooting them, but it’s unclear how they’ll react in close proximity to an opponent.

Apex Legends is currently available on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. In other news, Gibraltar’s gay and that’s awesome.