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26% of purchased Steam games go unplayed

Turns out, most of those Steam sales are too good to resist.

Ars Technica has determined that 26% of games purchased on Steam are never played. The site  used a random sample of public Steam profiles to garner the information over the timespan of two months.

The site also pulled out some rather interesting metrics. For instance, Dota 2 is the most-owned game on the service, with 25 million gamers picking up the free-to-play title.

For all of those upset that Half-Life 3 hasn’t been announced yet, 10.7 million of Half-Life 2‘s “Lost Coast” 12.77 million owners haven’t played the content yet. The same goes for Half-Life 2‘s “Deathmatch” content; 11.02 million gamers own it, yet only 2.8 million gamers have played it.

The game played most in terms of total hours per player is Football Manager 2014. Gamers of that title averaged an total of 100 hours with the game.

You can read Ars Technica’s full report here.

With a slip of a finger, we originally reported that 36% of games have gone unplayed. As you can see in the chart above, it’s actually 26%. Oops!


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