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Disney+ fixes aspect ratio on early Simpsons episodes


Disney+ has fixed an aspect ratio problem on early Simpsons episodes that meant a number of sight gags were ruined.

The change means that any episodes of The Simpsons originally aired before 2009 will now provide the option to be watched in their original 4:3 ratio rather than the hi-def 16:9 modern shows have adopted.

“While all episodes in the series were initially provided on Disney+ in 16:9, the goal was to provide both the original 4:3 aspect ratio and the 16:9 versions, providing a choice as to which format to watch, especially for our super fans,” Disney’s Joe Rice detailed in a blog post.

“The best user experience would be achieved by treating 4:3 and 16:9 versions equally, supporting all Disney+ product features and content interaction mechanisms, while adding a new app feature — choice of aspect ratio.

“Existing features including Continue Watching, Watchlists, and the ability to binge by auto-playing episodes in sequential order had to be maintained regardless of the current aspect ratio mode. (Given those features wouldn’t be supported were the 4:3 versions to be added as standalone bonus content, that option was discarded.)”

Disney confirmed back in November 2019 that it was addressing the issue.

Will you head back to The Simpsons on Disney+ now that you can watch it as originally intended?


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