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Destiny’s “Taken King” Crucible preview week explained


Between 9-15 September in Australia, all existing Destiny players will be able to try the two new modes and the new multiplayer maps of “The Taken King” inside the Crucible.

New maps include: Memento, Bannerfall, Crossroads, Vertigo, The Dungeons, Frontier, and The Drifter. Moreover, PlayStation users will also be able to try out the exclusive Sector 618 map.

Two new modes include Rift and Mayhem. Rift sets two teams of six against each other, fighting for control of a Spark. Delivering the Spark to the enemy team’s Rift scores a point.

In Mayhem, supers, melee and grenades are maxed to provide fast, frantic combat.

Destiny‘s “Taken King” expansion will be available on 15 September. The game has been updated to version 2.0.0 today; read patch notes here.