Destiny’s “Rise of Iron”: Bungie’s DeeJ says Supremacy is all about honour


Stevivor took the opportunity at Gamescom last month to sit down with Bungie’s David ‘DeeJ’ Dague, Destiny‘s Community Manager, to discuss the upcoming Supremacy mode within the game’s “Rise of Iron” expansion.

Supremacy mode is a team-versus-team mode with a twist: you’ll get a point for each kill you make, but you can also get an extra point for picking up a crest that each player drops upon death. You can collect crests from your own fallen teammates to prevent your opponents from scoring.

“My most valuable moments in Supremacy are when somebody who’s better than me [on my own team] gets killed and I can grab his crest — while he’s waiting to respawn and I can make like it never happened,” DeeJ said. “Defending your team in that way is defending their honour. That’s the metaphorical theme of the crests — this a totem of your identity, bearing your class insignia.

“This is your identity, this is your honour, and when [the other team steals] your honour, they put points on the board.”

You can check out Supremacy mode in action below:

Destiny‘s “Rise of Iron” expansion — alongside Supremacy, new maps, a new Strike and a new Raid — heads to Xbox One and PS4 this month.