Destiny 2’s Osiris and Saint-14 are gay (and gay for EACH OTHER!)

"Representation matters."

Destiny 2‘s Osiris and Saint-14 have been confirmed as homosexual — and better yet, the pair are in a gay relationship.

The confirmation comes from Bungie Narrative Designer, Robert Brookes, who took to Twitter to assert that, “Saint and Osiris are gay. Always have been.”

“I’ve been writing Saint and Osiris as gay since I started working at Bungie, because that’s who they were before,” Brookes continued. “They are private and nuanced characters. There was never a space in which to unequivocally state their identities. But nuance is lost in an age of queerbaiting.”

Fans began to form their own theories as to the nature of the pair’s relationship after Saint-14 referred to his lover as “my fiery phoenix”. The Drifter has also made comment on the pair being together.

“Queerbaiting exists, it’s not kind, and it has no place in a queer-friendly community or within spaces that promote LGBT rights. There’s a place and time for nuance and that isn’t it, because to do so is actively damaging to a marginalized community,” Brookes added.

“Representation matters. Whether its sexual orientation, race, culture. It helps you identify with yourself, understand yourself, and feel seen. This is especially powerful for groups of people who still face marginalization and persecution for the way they’re born.”

If it matters, my Guardian is extremely gay as well. Hit him up.

Destiny 2 is available now on Windows PC, Xbox One and PS4. A current-gen update arrives next year for Xbox Series S & X and PS5.

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Destiny 2 Beyond Light

10 Nov 2020 (PC PS4 PS5 Xbox One Xbox Series X)

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