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Destiny 2 on PC: Take a look at the game on low, ultra settings


Not sure if you want to make the jump to Destiny 2 on Windows PC rather than Xbox One or PS4? This new video from YouTuber Arekkz might help.

Arekkz has posted a video featuring the game’s beta on both low and ultra settings. You can compare the two below:

There’s no denying ultra looks smooth as butter. It’s worth keeping in mind that we don’t have final specifications as yet, but these goalposts from the beta are likely a good indication of what you’ll need when the full game is released.

If you’re thinking about leaping into Destiny 2 on PC, there is a catch — the game is available from 24 October, more than a month later than the game’s release on Xbox One and PS4 — that takes place on 6 September.